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Acidfairy and Sprokit

Acidfairy and Sprokit are Under The Influence DJs – they’ve both been on the UK free party and techno scene since the 90’s/00’s . Over the years, between them they’ve played all over the UK, Europe and the Americas, both had their own long standing internet radio shows on Partyvibe radio and Level-1.

They joined forces over a decade ago, playing out together as Under The Influence. They then took a break from the scene creating a techno toddler of their own, now they’re back with a vengeance with twice weekly radio shows, and various guest slots.

Now thanks to being asked to play the amazing Collide Summer Gathering 2023 together as a hybrid B2B (Acidfairy on Vinyl, Sprokit on Digi) they are out and about bringing you their exclusive mix of styles together as Under The Influence DJs.

They are partners in all things in life, especially Techno…. watching these 2 play together is mesmerising, their unique styles and energy just merge effortlessly… Don’t miss them…