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Systems Change & Climate Solidarity

Amidst rising inequality, injustice and the climate crisis, how can we better work together for change? An interactive session exploring how the climate crisis connects to different movements fighting for justice, and how to build communities of collaboration, solidarity and care.

Talissa (she/her) is a queer migrante facilitator and organiser-activist working in the intersections of climate justice, anti-racism, and feminist activism in the Netherlands, and more recently in Barcelona. She co-leads the Collective Abundance project, supporting the resourcing of grassroots climate justice movements in Europe.

Samie (she/her) is a social and climate justice facilitator whose work and political ethos revolves around community building and collective imaginations toward a just and resilient future. She regularly curates, hosts, and facilitates educational spaces dedicated to sustainability, environmental justice, intersectional organising, and network mapping. She currently Co-leads the Collective Abundance project, which seeks to shift climate philanthropy and strengthen the climate justice movement in Europe, and she is also part of the team behind Wa’ix – a bipoc-led learning journey exploring the practicalities of decolonising wealth.

This session is part of a day of talks and workshops exploring “Decolonial Perspectives on Climate Change” curated by Sheila Menon: What does it look and feel like when social injustice and systemic inequality is the starting place, when we think and talk about climate change?