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Tara Lily

Growing up in south London with a strong connection to her British-Bengali heritage has given Tara Lily a unique perspective on music and global culture. She has spent her life absorbing a multitude of sounds and genres from her surroundings, ranging from alternative R&B to classical jazz and traditional Bengali folk music. It was this intriguing blend of sounds and her deep understanding of the worlds they come from which caught the attention of the likes of Virgil Abloh, Gilles Peterson, Iggy pop and Motown Records UK, who signed Tara as their first British artist.? 

The classically trained jazz musician is entering a darker era lyrically and expand into a more electronic sound that heavily delves into frenetic energy of drum n bass. The production offers a contrasting backdrop to Tara’s beautifully haunting vocals. Indian classical drones and flourishes of Rhodes piano siren through the double time groove to create a provocative and hedonistic track, marrying the sonic terrains of the East and West.?