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Taylor Hopewell

Singer-songwriter Taylor Hopewell finds herself at the intersection of poetry and music. A poet by nature and musician only recently by choice – “the wonkiness of her playing has real charm… her writing brings together abstracted language and simple imagery to stirring effect”.

Taylor merges the rawness of pain with the sweetness of pleasure, trauma with growth, and the uncertainty of home with the familiarity of being lost. “I find myself constantly writing, songs, or poems or just making up new words to try and understand something, anything”.

Moving to the UK at the age of 17, she struggled with the “real world” which drained her of inspiration and ran off on a tall ship for a year, sailing between the Scottish Isles, through the Irish Sea and around the Cornish coast she found herself again lost in open horizons and a bilge filled with booze. Running back to the “real world” Taylor found refuge in music and has taken a leap of faith trying to pursue it. “Music has recently become one of those things that lets me just be. It’s escaping the world and creating a new one. I got bored of running away from things, so I sit in them instead.”