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The Erotic Art of Bossiness w/ Mama Bear

Dive into the realm of delightful dominance with “The Erotic Art of Bossiness”, a freewheeling, interactive exploration of Domming! Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned kinkster, this session is your ticket to unlocking the playful power within.

Forget the stereotypes – in this workshop you’ll discover that anyone can don the domme mantle and absolutely rock it. Domming isn’t all stern faces and black leather, it isn’t some elusive skill reserved for the chosen few, it’s not a body type, personality type or a low, gravelly voice; it’s a deliciously learnable and infinittely variable art form where we are the canvas, brush and paint.

So, whether you’re itching to dip your toes into the world of power play or looking to broaden your dom horizons, this workshop is your invitation to unleash your authentic inner dom and embrace the erotic art of bossiness. Come play with us – you know you want to.

Mama Bear (He/They) is chubby, giggly, queer dominatrix and kink educator running workshops, coaching and retreats in the UK and Germany. Wouldn’t say no to somewhere sunnier, but look, it is what it is.