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The Hero’s Journey through a Queer Lens w/ Lonan Jenkins

Part interactive workshop, part queer storytelling, in this workshop professional storyteller Lonan Jenkins will guide you through Joseph Campbell’s Hero’ Cycle, to help bring to life your own personal journey. Vulnerable, honest, heartwarming, humorous and moving, Lonan’s will weave in his own story to help you connect with your own story, whether queer or not.

Lonan been running and hosting storytelling events since 2016. He now co-runs Rooted Revelry, a performance and events company with a focus on community, ceremony and ritual, hosting intentional spaces to honour the seasons and create mischief at festivals. Lonan is also a DJ, wedding celebrant, workshop host, private tutor, community builder and healthy masculinity advocate. He has been hosting and performing with the Pinky Promise family since the very first event.