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They found something buried in the theatre!

An arctic expedition find something buried in the Ice, something not of this earth, and as the crew of Outpost 31 will soon discover, not everything buried is dead… 

The Pop-up Puppet Cinema gang bring the 1982 sci-fi horror classic into the puppet world for you. Take a good long look at the person beside you, they may be a thing! (but not too long, they might just call security).


Crowd pleasing, slick, and above all extremely funny” – Starburst Film Festival

“Truly original and utterly hilarious!” – RAD screenings

“Very funny and inventive!” – Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

“Their Thing is everything I wanted. Silly, funny, inventive, movie accurate. Go see!” – Rob Kemp (The Elvis Dead)

“Highly recommended, fun, original and puppet-tastic!” Level Up Leroy