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TheRAPutix- Rap Therapy Workshop

Hannah Raggamama, Barnacle and Ruby Confue deliver rap therapy workshops aiming to assist all ages and abilities in self-actualization, confidence building and creative expression.

Using Hip-hop and Rap through writing, performing and participating, we hold a safe space for people to express themselves authentically. Through spoken word and beatboxing, we allow participants the space and time to have fun, learn and engage with each other.

This year at Shambala, we will explore the power of permaculture and self-sustainability through creative writing and self-expression.

By connecting our bodies and speech through Hip-Hop, we will discuss and develop an understanding of what permaculture means to us.

By sharing ideas we connect with ourselves, our environments and one another. TheRAPutix holds a safe space for all to contribute to a forum of self-expression and idea exchange through creative writing and performing arts.