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We Be Many

Influenced by the UK underground global rave scene and inspired by heavyweight beats from across the globe, We Be Many fuses powerful musical elements of past and future with seamless digital production, to create their unique, uplifting and irresistible sound; Global grooves meet Afro-futurism, delivered with invigorating energy. 

Their musical message is one of deep connection and equality through collaboration; A global collective of artists from around the World who have joined forces to pursue their passion with unrelenting momentum. 

We Be Many took shape after years of collaboration and the creation of a vast body of music, recorded and produced in the UK and Ghana.

At it’s core, We Be Many is the production and DJ duo Joel Williams (Jambada) and Pascal Langlois (Waggles). 

In the studio, and coming live in 2025, they’re working with Ben Haskins and Kweku Sackey (K.O.G).

The project has forthcoming releases featuring legendary vocalists and musicians from Ghana, Nigeria and the UK, encapsulating an amalgamation of international talent.