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Over the past few years, Wednesday has been captivating dance floors with her unique transcendent sound, becoming a core member of London’s growing trance community. 

Wednesday’s diverse sets work at a range of different registers, exploring the rhythmic and emotional depths of trance and techno and after her solo debut at Sub:System in late 2021, she has played at a number of parties around London, including Fast Forward, UNFOLD, Origins & QYSP. Further afar she has been earning an increasing amount of attention, playing at Hypersoft in Berlin, Stardust in Armenia, insekt raeve in Lisbon as well as X-wave at the infamous Macadam in Nantes. 

Commanding peak-time dance floors with her rolling but ever-playful interpretation of minimal psy, tribal prog and transcendent euphoria, Wednesday’s sound has quickly earned her the reputation of one of London’s up and coming rising stars and has placed her upon lineups amongst artists such as Mama Snake, Spekki Webu, Byron Yeates, Adam Pits & Schacke to name a few. 

It’s safe to say she’s a force to be reckoned with and will take you on an otherworldly journey into another realm. To follow her journey, find her on Soundcloud, Resident Advisor & Instagram.