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Whale Song Bath

Whale Song Bath – back by popular demand with an all new bioacoustic listening journey by Tom Mustill and Whale JD Vahakn Matossian.

Wildlife filmmaker and writer Tom Mustill takes you on an acoustic journey into the undersea world of Monterey Bay Canyon with a series of recordings from a ground-breaking underwater listening station, 3 miles beneath the waves, where underwater landslides rumble and distant rain at the surface can still be heard as a fizz. The seas here are some of the richest in the world, teeming with the sounds of dolphin megapods, hunting killer whales, the bleats of Gray whale calves to their mothers, the mysterious booms of Fin and Whales and of course, the complex and enchanting songs of the Humpback Whale.

Tom’s team have spent the last six months gathering 350 new bioacoustic tracks from scientists around the world, many never heard before, making them into a new soundscape journey. Still whales and still all the big hitters but some new ones and a new story – now it is from the perspective of 7 different whales.

Shambala will be the grand premiere of this new work created for the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation. The project will be released to the world for free later in the year as well as going to the Natural History Museum, Cathedrals and lots of other fun spaces.