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Whose Togetherness Is It Anyway? with Jess Thom (Touretteshero) & Anna Landre

Artist, writer, and activist Jess Thom and Anna Landre will explore ideas of collapse and solidarity from a disabled perspective to challenge normative thinking in this provocative, playful, and inclusive workshop. Jess co-founded Touretteshero in 2010 and has been a regular performer at Shambala Festival. Anna is a wheelchair-using activist & researcher whose work spans the disciplines of disability studies, disability culture, humanitarianism, emergency response, community-building, and social care policy. Jess and Anna will ask who gets prioritised in a crisis and how disabled, neurodivergent and chronically ill people can act in solidarity to resist the pressures of life in normative supremacy at a time of collapse.

This session is part of a day of talks and workshops exploring “Practicing Togetherness in a Collapsing System” curated by Ian Nesbitt: If we acknowledge that the pillars of modernity are crumbling, how can we find each other in these times, and what are the practices that lean into new and ancient ways of being together?