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Why Fish?

Why Fish? is a new one woman show that explores Izzy’s experience of living with Tourette’s Syndrome. Personifying her tics as brain neurone puppets, Izzy creates a visual story of her mental fight for control. The show not only uses puppets but real anecdotes and lots of humour to entertain and educate about a commonly misunderstood condition. 

Due to the nature of her tics there is a small amount of swearing present in the performance and so it is aimed at audiences of 12+.

The story follows Izzy through events in her life from her teen years when her tics began, over all the medical and diagnostic hurdles, to finding strong support circles and learning to work with her body and not against it. Izzy hopes that sharing her experiences will spread understanding as well as help people with similar experiences feel less alone in their struggles!

So join us on this abstract adventure to find out… Why Fish?