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X2X Music presents Rea & Bubski

X2X Music the electronic DJ agency dedicated exclusively to female artists. In an industry plagued by gender bias, X2X MUSIC emerges as a powerful advocate, providing a safe haven where artists can flourish, grow, and be nurtured, all while breaking down barriers and reshaping the landscape of electronic music.

With BPMs starting at 130 and climbing upwards, our artists are genre-fluid and relentlessly experimental, pushing the boundaries of electronic music, the pulse of  UK bass and techno is driven by the dynamic energy the x2x of female and femme DJs and producers. From underground clubs to main stage festivals, they are taking the dance scene by storm, redefining the soundscape with their innovative beats and unique perspectives. Join us as we amplify the voices of these trailblazing artists, as we will champion equality, celebrate diversity, and cultivate a music scene where every artist’s voice is heard and respected. As we work to build a better future and transform the future of electronic music.


Rea stands out as a versatile artist in electronic music, effortlessly blending influences from early 2000s grime with modern sounds of UK funky, breakbeat and techno. In particular, REA simultaneously draws inspiration from both early forms of underground British music, and the rhythms and sounds of latin ‘baile’ to create an energy like no other. From intimate underground venues to renowned international festivals, her sets pulse with an irreplicable energy. 

She has taken over the stages of festivals such as Dour in Belgium, and Boomtown Fair in the UK, making her name synonymous with high energy performances. As a producer, Rea’s talent shines through in her ability to infuse grime nostalgia into clean, modern productions. Her remix of Footsie’s ‘On This Ting’ stands testament to this, having reached almost 10,000 streams and a feature in Tailor Jae’s Boiler Room.


DJ Bubski emerged onto the scene Summer of ’23, marked by an impressive series of festival debuts, including standout performances at Glastonbury, Shambala, Coalesce, and Boomtown. Based in the heart of Bristol’s illustrious music scene, DJ Bubski brings a sophisticated command of Underground Dance Music to the forefront. 

Her performances reflect a plethora of genres, transitioning from the infectious beats of house and afro latin sounds to the nuanced landscapes of bass-heavy techno, UK garage, breaks, grime, and the 140 territory. DJ Bubski’s sound profile is a curation of a diverse sonic experience that captivates audiences from all areas of dance music. 

Bubski is also founder and member of DJ Collective SIS:DEM, a group of 4 femme artists that push experiemental and bass heavy sounds.