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‘Best Festival’ & ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Awards!

We’re absolutely honoured to have picked up two amazing awards at the first ever national Creative Green Awards at Somerset House yesterday.

We’ve never been a very industry-awards-focussed organisation but the Creative Green Awards  are a whole different kettle of fish – being the only multi-arts awards that recognise the contribution of creative industries to climate change. Even to be nominated was massive to us – to take home the awards for both Best Festival and Outstanding Achievement is huge.

As ever, any praise or accolades we achieve for Shambala’s pioneering efforts are awards for you, our audience as well – we are the sum of our parts with the amazing things we achieve together, whether that’s eliminating disposables, increasing recycling or reducing food waste. As our friend and Imaginarium program curator Ed Gillespie has said many a time ‘The best way to change the world is to have more fun than the people that aren’t’. Shambalans, you certainly do that – let’s keep partying like there’s no tomorrow whilst keeping a positive future firmly in focus!

Together we have:

  • Reduced the onsite carbon footprint of the festival by 81% in five years
  • Become 100% renewably powered
  • Removed single use disposable plastics from site
  • Become a meat and fish free festival
  • Moved to 100% compost loos on site

And we’re not stopping there! Stay tuned for some big green announcements over the next few weeks.

See the Creative Industry Green report for Shambala in 2016 HERE, and find out more about the Creative Green Awards and organisers ‘Julie’s Bicycle’ here.

Big love,

The Shambala team x