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ecolibrium invests over £650,000 in climate!

ecolibrium is celebrating reaching over £650,000 invested in climate projects to address the impact of travel at events since the charity began in 2016. In 2023 we were proud to work with ecolibrium to increase low carbon travel and channel donations to climate projects around the world! Thanks to you lot carbon balancing your travel, this year Shambala’s climate investment helped to plant over 2000 trees in Northern Malawi, protect 562 acres of threatened rainforest and balance 272.3 tCO2 through a forest and peatland regeneration project in Indonesia, as well as contributing to this significant climate investment milestone with donations from this year.

ecolibrium was founded by event organisers to tackle travel emissions to live events, typically the largest source of carbon emissions at greenfield music festivals. Their mission is to move low carbon travel into the heart of live events culture and unite their community of events, music companies, crew and artists in environmental restoration. 

The total climate investment breaks down into these key metrics: 

  • £650,000+ invested in environmental restoration
  • 21,722 acres of threatened rainforest protected to sink carbon & preserve biodiversity
  • 160+ members part of the community of live events and music industry companies
  • 65,886 trees planted to regenerate ecosystems & create livelihoods
  • 10 community-benefit renewable energy projects funded
  • 620,000+ event audiences engaged with climate action projects.

Donations are channelled directly to ecolibrium’s network of established environmental project partners through two programmes: Energy Revolution and Trees+ 

This year, we supported ecolibrium’s Trees+ programme, which will fund: 

  • Temwa, a charity that supports the development of self-sufficient communities in Northern Malawi by supporting projects in education, health, agriculture, forestry, and microfinance. Read more about Temwa HERE.

  • The Rainforest Trust’s Rainforest Climate Action Fund, which supports projects that store and sequester vast quantities of carbon to help in the fight against climate change. Read more about the Rainforest Trust HERE.

  • A peatland and forest conservation project in Katingan, Indonesia (VSC, REDD+) working towards the restoration and preservation of the ecosystem while supporting local communities with a development programme that runs across 34 villages and includes tree nurseries, an agro-ecology school and micro-finance loans for the community. Read more about Katingan HERE.

Find out more about ecolibrium at 🌍

Cover image by Catherine Read.