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In 2024, we will once again be partnering with Red Fox Cycling, to offer guided bike rides from different cities to Shambala.

Our bike rides run from Bristol, London and Birmingham.

Cyclist Tickets are priced £30 cheaper than regular entry tickets – as a thank you for choosing to travel so sustainably. What’s more, a Red Fox guided tour costs half what you would expect for a regular cycling holiday, so this really is a bargain.

Take the scenic route, stop at beautiful campsites along the way and arrive at Shambala with a host of new pals – but don’t just take our word for it – watch the video below to see what our previous Red Fox cyclists had to say…

The cycle to Shambala was more than I could have hoped for it to be, and my expectations were already pretty high. Through the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, winding lanes and old country pubs, the route was perfect, as was the comradery from everyone  on the pilgrimage. It was well organised, executed, and managed, accommodating a range of abilities and fitness levels. The team were all top-notch. It’s certainly the best way to travel to a festival. I would thoroughly recommend and hope to do it again in 2024.

Chris B 

I loved how it felt like you already had a big crew before you got to the festival, and every now and then you’ll see some familiar faces on the dance floor for a boogie!

Emily F

I signed up to bike as the other tickets sold out, but it was by far the best thing to happen! The group was so friendly and I gained 70 pals at the festival. Was a lot of fun and anyone can do it!

Jennie M

Cyclist Tickets are only valid for entry when booked in conjunction with a Red Fox guided bike tour. If you arrive independently of a Red Fox bike tour, your ticket will not be valid for entry.

Fancy getting to Shambala by pedal power but don’t fancy a guided bike ride? Check out the information we’ve collated about cycling to Shambala independently below!