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Stop Ecocide

We’re very excited to be partneredwith the Stop Ecocide campaign, as of 2019. Founded by visionary barrister Polly Higgins and eco-activist Jojo Mehta, the Stop Ecocide campaign invites us all to become Earth Protectors – taking seriously our duty to protect the natural living world and all life.

Stop Ecocide: Change the Law is a campaign to support making ECOCIDE a crime under international criminal law. ECOCIDE is serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems. By changing our legal system, and writing in accountability at the highest level, the law would expand humankind’s duty of care and responsibility to climate vulnerable people around the world, to animal life and the natural world.

Earth Protectors have worked tirelessly, helmed by the late Polly Higgins, in researching a clear route at the International Criminal Court. They have already established connections with small climate-vulnerable islands in the Pacific which have both the incentive and the legal power to take this forward. Part of their work involves funding the legal work required, while creating visibility and momentum for the islands to progress this crucial amendment to international law. Beyond the incredible international legal work they do, by becoming an Earth Protector, you are provided with documentary evidence that when taking part in peaceful direct action, you do so as a conscientious protector – a safety net for any eco-warriors amongst us.
We all know in our hearts that serious harm to our Earth is wrong – it is already a matter of conscience.  Now it is time to make it a matter of law. When government ministers can no longer issue permits for it, when insurers can no longer underwrite it, when investors can no longer back it, when CEOs can be held criminally responsible for it, the harm will stop.
Shambala are proud that, as our charity partners,  a portion of money raised by Shambalans will contribute to Earth Protector’s potentially game-changing work. Elsewhere money raised by Shambalans will go to Unseen, Bansang Hospital and more.
London XR Summer Uprising ACT NOW boat dedicated to Polly Higgins. Image from Polly Higgins (1968-2019) twitter account.