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Ecolibirum, formerly, Energy Revolution is a not-for-profit movement that turns your festival travel miles into a direct investment in clean renewable energy, by crowd-sourcing donations at ticket point of sale.

100% of donations are invested in renewable energy projects, helping replace fossil fuels and create a brighter future for all of us. For 2019, Shambala x Energy Rev’s renewable energy project partner was the Schools’ Energy Co-operative; a project installing solar panels systems on UK schools to provide them with affordable clean renewable energy.

In 2019, we built in a carbon offsetting donation to Ecolibrium into the prices of all our car and campervan passes. These donations raised a whopping £6,177 which balances 123 tonnes(!) of CO2e – the equivalent of 424,974 average car miles, helping to replace fossil fuels and create a brighter, better future for all of us.

Shambala Festival are one of 11 UK festivals that have already joined the revolution. As a community of hundreds of festival organisers and over three million festival-goers working together, we can make real change.

To be part of our movement, simply make a small donation on the ticket payment page. This can be done at any time. You can also use their free online carbon calculator throughout the year to balance your travel – why not log this one of your 25k25 actions? 

Let’s keep the party going forever.