Energy Revolution

Energy Revolution is a not-for-profit movement that turns your festival travel miles into a direct investment in clean renewable energy, by crowd-sourcing donations at ticket point of sale.

100% of donations are invested in renewable energy projects, helping replace fossil fuels and create a brighter future for all of us. This year, our renewable energy project partner is 4.2MW solar farm at Lawrence Weston in Bristol, built by community energy pioneers Bristol Energy Co Op. On top of producing clean energy, they support community work on fuel poverty and energy efficiency, carry out a variety of education work.

In 2016, our Shambalans donated a whopping £5003.50 in total, turning 324,113 miles of travel to the festival into clean renewable energy. That’s 100,070kg of CO2 emissions that will be balanced, helping to replace fossil fuels and create a brighter, better future for all of us.

Shambala Festival are one of 11 UK festivals that have already joined the revolution. As a community of hundreds of festival organisers and over three million festival-goers working together, we can make real change.

To be part of our movement, simply make a small donation on the ticket payment page. This can be done at any time..

Let’s keep the party going forever.