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Raw Foundation

Shambala has been ‘single-use’ plastic free for the last four years, and it is with the support of our partner Raw Foundation that we have been able to highlight and take a stand on this catastrophic environmental issue.

“Every bit of plastic that has ever been made still exists” and plastic marine litter is wreaking havoc with eco-systems and fish stocks as well as impacting on human health and wellbeing.  At Shambala, Raw Foundation effectively communicate this issue with their marine litter instillation, film screenings and workshop spaces.

Committed to inspiring people with practical ideas Shambala and Raw Foundation collaborated on a Plastic Festival Guide, the production of the re-usable stainless steel bottles and the Bring-a-Bottle campaign. This year, you can collect bottles purchased online from the Raw Foundation’s info point on entry to the festival.

Visit the Raw Foundation tent to see the exhibition, join a workshop or sign the petition to end the use of ‘toxic plastics everywhere by 2030’.

“Nothing better illustrates our throw-away lifestyle and waste problems than plastic. It has become one of the most serious environmental and human health problems facing us today”