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Our impacts and aims

As one of the world’s greenest festivals, we are tackling all environmental impacts associated with the festival.  Our carbon foot-printing identified that around half of our Green House Gasses (C02e emissions) are from production travel -i.e. crew, artists and contractors travel. We need to work together to address this.

Since 2014 we have balanced 100% of ‘operational’ emissions from energy and waste at the festival (and all our company activities) through investments in renewable energy. We are operationally ‘net positive’ by a factor of at least 7 times.

This year we aim to capture data from all bands, crew and suppliers, so please assist us by completing the form below.

As different vehicles have different carbon emissions it would be helpful if you could provide an entry per vehicle, including the number of people travelling in each. (The form can automatically duplicate a journey and you can just change the number of people and type of vehicle)

Balance for your carbon

You can also choose to balance your travel impacts by making a donation*  to our partner ecolibirum, a charity and festival initiative that we co-founded to invest in climate positive projects.

Work out your travel carbon and choose to balance (optional) using the ecolibrium carbon calculator here.