Shambala aims to be a festival which everyone can enjoy. Please find a host of useful information regarding accessibility via the navigation headings on the left. Please direct all ticket related enquiries to The Ticket Sellers from the contact us page.

Services for people with disabilities throughout the festival are managed by the team that runs the Accessible Camping Area, known as the ACA. You do not have to be camping in the ACA to use our services or to contact us for help and advice. We know that accurate information is vital and we do our best to tell what you need to plan your festival and to keep you moving around site. There is a lot of general information in this section of the website but, if you have a problem that is not covered, please contact us using the contact form HERE by choosing  ‘Accessibility’ from the drop down menu and we will do our best to help. At the festival we can be contacted via the Public Information Tent. We also produce a leaflet with details of services for deaf and disabled visitors which will be available from the Public Information Tent and the Welcome Tent, and we also keep a board with information about site conditions and other issues in the ACA. Please do come to see us, even if you don’t feel you have to camp with us, the more we know about the problems that people have around site and the services you would like to see, the more we can help everyone enjoy the festival.

We do our best to help but have found that the biggest factor in having a great time at a festival when you have a disability is the planning that you do yourself. Think through every aspect of how you will live on a campsite on a daily basis and plan ahead. The information here will help you but, if you need more specific advice, or are not used to festivals and are not sure what to expect, contact us and we will try to advise you.

If you register to camp in the ACA you will be put on our mailing list to receive information and updates on accessibility at Shambala. If you are not camping in the ACA you can also receive the bulletins by emailing us via the contacts page and asking to be added to our mailing list.

Queries & Questions

Please direct any ticket related queries directly to our ticket agents. We will not be able to reply to any eligibility questions regarding free carer tickets directly.

Any other questions can be directed to the Accessibility email found on the contact us page.