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babyschön is a london-based DJ with a penchant for sleazy sounds, connecting the dots between low-slung no wave and EBM and slinky new beat, italo disco and house. 

A keen collector of experimental percussion and winding rhythms, she’s (mastered the art, lol) of a good warm up slot; she’s supported Roman Flugel, Sacha Mambo, Dar Disku and more.

(Suited to both small and big clubs) a regular at Sheffield’s Gut Level and Leeds’ Outlaws Yacht Club but has also played at WHITE HOTEL, and played at Boiler Room Festival, Brainchild, Dialled In and Lost Village. 

She hosts Hot Love — a ride through all things swampy and steamy — on Narr Radio, a Leeds-based station which she co-founded. Past shows can also be found via the archives of Rinse FM (London), Noods (Bristol), Clyde Built Radio (Glasgow), Mutant Radio (Tbilisi), Worldwide FM (London) and more.