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Beth Rowley

Beth Rowley grew up with the influences of Gospel Spirituals, Americana and Blues from her parents, who whilst living in Southern America during the 70’s brought the family up on an eclectic mix of Led Belly, Mahalia Jackson, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams. 

Over the years Beth has been known for her rich, effortless vocals but her sound has evolved into more raw sphere with a deeper, louder edge. In 2019 her second album Gota Fria saw a more 70’s electric guitar influence with gritty harmonica and pedal steel, accompanied by a sold out UK headline tour.  

In the 4 years since then, and 2 children later, Beths new project ‘Pale Jewel’ is a collection of her most loved childhood songs and her early influences of americana/spiritual inspired songs can still be strongly heard. The first EP ‘Pale Jewel – Volume I’ was released in 2022 to great acclaim and the next instalment ‘Pale Jewel – Volume II’ is due for release in the Summer of 2024. Both EP’s were recorded straight to tape with just 2 musicians sat around a mic, which is how Beth says she feels most comfortable recording; “I love recording like that, no frills or fuss, just one or two takes straight into a group mic is my ideal set up.” 

Whether Beth performs with her full 5 piece band or as a stripped back duo, it’s evident that her natural talent and the 24 years that she’s spent so far crafting her art have grown a confidence and sense of ease that only experience, commitment and a love for the music will create. ‘Pale Jewel -Volume II ’ is released on Stoopnik Records/Absolute in July 2024.