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EDL presents Saturday Night Fever

The English Disco Lovers is the brainchild of London-based art student Alex Jones. The original brief was to Google bomb the search term ‘EDL’ to get the Disco Lovers webpage to number one in the rankings. Since then, the group has amassed over 75 thousand followers on social media, and now gets involved in race and fairness dialogue country wide, and raises money for worthy causes through discos! With the dissolution of the other EDL, the group promotes fairness and inclusivity through talks, exhibitions and collaborations throughout the country.

Sam Heath Moffet is a Brighton campaigner and resident DJ for the English Disco Lovers, as well as curating seven other party and club brands. He has been a professional DJ for 40 years, starting out on the London scene before the Acid House revolution. He spotted the English Disco Lovers group protesting at an English Defence League march, and offered his services.