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Energetic Breathwork and Movement

Tijen is inviting you to an Energetic Breathwork Workshop – ‘Transform With Me’ with affirmations to house & tribal sounds. 

This workshop is a unique combination of Breathwork using the Wim Hoff Technique, guided by Reiki Master & life coach. This class has so many transformational benefits such as stress relief, release emotional trauma, boosting the immune system, connecting the mind body & soul, energising, increasing focus, memory, sleep and many other emotional issues. 

Powerful for those suffering with stress, depression and anxiety with incredible results Breathwork, The Wim Hoff Technique in particular has achieved powerful results such as Relief from: anxiety, depression, insomnia, auto immune disease, stress related illness, emotional trauma, lack of focus and memory, asthma and pain conditions. 

It’s totally safe for all levels and you do not need to be spiritual or experienced in meditation to take part. In fact its perfect for those who lack the ability to quieten the mind as the breath does it for you, which then has an amazing way of calming the body down and boosting the way in which our body repairs itself. 

After breathing yourself into calmness, Elvin is inviting you to join her at the ‘I AM FREE’ Dance Workshop – a high energy dance class using high energy house music. This is a simply choreographed class using a selection of dance moves especially designed to work through the chakras, releasing trapped emotions, blockages and bringing in new energy to raise your vibration & leave you feeling light and energised. 

This workshop promotes ‘movement is medicine’, you will learn that you can move your body to music to promote well being within yourself as well as empowering yourself to cleanse your energy and balance your emotions. Elvin’s energy and passion for spiritual dance will take you on a magical journey to feeling free – I AM FREE!