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Hip Hop Garden Masterclass and Performance by MoYah & KMT Freedom Teacher

The Hip-Hop garden team are bringing an interactive masterclass to Shambala exploring how artists can incorporate sustainable & regenerative practices in their career. Mozambican born Afrofusion Rapper MoYah & Eco Rapper KMT will complete the masterclass with a live Hip Hop performance. 

The award winning Hip-Hop Garden is a transformative program, working with young people & marginalised communities co-creating accessible, affordable and creative solutions using 5 elements including Well Being, Food Growing, Hip-Hop, Event Management and Entrepreneurship. KMT (Ian), is a highly experienced and dedicated artist who has spent over two decades using the medium of hip-hop to inspire positive social change and bring attention to a wide range of important social issues. His unwavering passion for environmental conservation and preservation is just one aspect of his advocacy work. 

Born in Mozambique during a 16-year war, MoYah was forced to flee his country as a political refugee & move to Lisbon at a young age. Inspired by his parents broad musical taste & the impact of Rap music whilst living in Portugal, he quickly learned that music could be used not only for entertainment but also as a powerful tool for self exploration & social expression eventually leading him to writing raps that addressed issues relating to identity, social injustices & spirituality from the perspective of a child of the African Diaspora.