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Bristol-based Kitty loves to transcend the boundaries of musical genres. Her music taste is in a constant state of evolution, as she fearlessly delves into rhythms from every corner of the globe. After a brief hiatus from the decks, during which she faced the heart-wrenching setback of losing a substantial part of her cherished music collection, Kitty has emerged with a hardline passion for discovering fresh sounds.

Prepare to be captivated by an eclectic mix that defies convention, featuring everything from old-school breakbeats to soulful vocals, Hindustani hip-hop to Irish jigs, Balkan blends and more. Kitty’s sets are a testament to her commitment to musical diversity, with the only aim being to get people’s KNEES UP!

Kitty made her debut at Wildwood Festival in 2022 after winning the female emerging talent competition which kickstarted her performance career. Since then, Kitty has played at iconic festivals such as Shambala, Secret Garden Party, and Balter and performed in staple venues in Bristol like the Black Swan and the Trinity Centre as part of the ‘An Experience’ crew.