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Make Love like a Victorian w/ Hugo Metcalfe

In victorian times ‘making love’ encompassed the act of courtship. This workshops explores the fabulous victorian art of being filthy in private and prudish in public. After some salacious victorian sex and kink chat, we will explore using the art of subtle gestures, affections and innuendo to communicate and express desire. 

We will play a group game to explore the subtle salacious art of innuendo in courtship where groups will be invited to play out raunchy scenes in a manner safe for victorian consumption.

Hugo is a Gentlemen and a Scholar. A Psychologist by training, a creative Workshop Facilitator by choice and a curious human by inclination he has has been leading workshops for the last 6 years. 

Interested in Communication and Connection, he spends his time seeking playful ways to help others develop more of both. Maybe you’ve even seen him before, sporting a top hat, rakish grin, jaunty monocle and thought who is this enigma wrapped in a beard wrapped in a waistcoat? Well, come to a workshop and find out!