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Sensing Plant Beings: Feeling into new worlds, stepping out of old skins with Rasheeqa Ahmad (Hedge Herbs)

Sensing with plant beings: feeling into new worlds, stepping out of old skins, and reanimating our relationships with wild worlds for systemic healing

Article 8 of The Nation of Plants – a radical manifesto for humans (Stefano Mancuso): ‘the nation of plants shall recognise and foster mutual aid among natural communities of living beings as an instrument of coexistence and progress.’

What does it mean to move in the world with plants, to be in sensory connection with them through the seasons and cycle of the year, to perceive their beings and feel their consciousness? What knowledges are exchanged and what old futures envisioned? How do you feel as a being in their company?

We will touch on and mingle together with these questions and others that come up through sharing our relationships with plants in our lives and localities, and explore the healing complexes they teach us about. Bring a plant that is special to you, shares energy with you, represents colourful worlds of wonder.

This session is part of a day of talks and workshops exploring “Practicing Togetherness in a Collapsing System” curated by Ian Nesbitt: If we acknowledge that the pillars of modernity are crumbling, how can we find each other in these times, and what are the practices that lean into new and ancient ways of being together?