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More-Than-Human Mapping

What kind of music do birds like to listen to? Where do hedgehogs feel relaxed? What does a damsel fly do when it’s bored? What do the stars whisper to each other in the night sky? Join us to answer all or none of these research questions as we explore ways to interact and record our encounters with nature and the more-than-human entities on the Shambala site using performance, sound, and collaborative storytelling.

In our workshop, we will be exploring the natural worlds and networks on the Shambala site and interacting with the creatures that call them home. In our workshop, we will explore how we can connect with the natural world on the Shambala site using our bodies, minds, and the tools we will create together. Once we’ve prepared our bodies and minds, and created our tools, we’ll set you off across the site with a more-than-human mission: to pay attention, explore, and record your interactions with nature. When we return, we will share our experiences and create a collaborative ‘more-than-human’ map together that shares our interactions and experiences with nature.

Note: An adult must accompany smaller humans under 16 years old.