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UK Biodiverse Habitats: What Where When WHY?

Michael Cunningham has worked in conservation for many years. He now runs Non Profit 9Trees CIC.
This Community Interest company puts planet before people and profit! Join him as he talks about UK Biodiverse Habitats mainly in the UK, his love for nature and how the human impact has shaped the world.
This positive and uplifting talk is great for anyone who is fed up with hearing about the climate and biodiversity crisis and wants to do something about it! Mike suffers from Eco Anxiety so hopes to gather like minded people for these two discussions.

He will chat about many features of Habitats and companies / NGO’s doing great work. Discover why it is important to plant for wildlife and the environment!

If you don’t know what a habitat is and how many types there are, or you do know about the environment and want to have a good chat; this is your chance to come and get involved!

Is it bad to plant Monoculture crops? Is there a place for large swathes of the world cut out for human existence?
If we are to create space for nature then; Where is there space?

He will conclude the talk by explaining how his team are creating the Woodlands of the FUTURE.