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Moving Still with Motion in Earth with Bibi and Orla

Bibiana and Orla are both experienced facilitators in body-based practices. They both work with meditation, gaga and somatic practices, using trauma informed approaches. Their work is heavily centred on nature based and embodied practices, working to offer participants workshops that support emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

To begin the movement meditation, you’ll partake in a guided body scan, identifying any pain/discomfort in the body, followed by a guided visualisation breath-based task – visualising breathing discomfort out of our body in a grey cloud, and replacing it with our inhale; a blue healing light. Attending to how that light enters our body, moving in and around with ease. When completely full with blue, we imagine our body as a vase, the blue light shatters the vase allowing the internal exploration to extend outwards.

You’ll then be moving in space, guided by prompts to move from different body parts, in different directions, in different ways – moving as the blue light. Giving radical permission to say yes to an impulse, following through until it transforms into the next thing, finding a sense of freedom and curiosity in movement. Before winding down to stillness allowing the exploration to rave on inside us, charging us as we go forward. Ending with a visualised breath; encapsulating and keeping safe the sessions exploration.

Then find your inner animal while exploring further movement in different body parts. Connecting with the body, exploring sensations with our feet, and giving selfcare through our most used body part. Followed by an imagination exercise – mapping our feet and space – sharing common ground with a standing meditation. Led through embodied movements you’ll find and explore the inner animal, exploring wisdom in the different body parts. 

To close the practice, you’ll be invited to draw/sketch your animal and workshop experience, journaling on individual embodied experiences.