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Qi Gong with Matthew Gilbert

In this workshop we will explore the theory and practice of Qi Gong (chi kung). Qi or chi is a fundamental concept in Chinese medicine and can be referred to as energy or vitality. Qi Gong, literally ‘energy work’ are practices that have been developed for thousands of years in China and continue to be considered essential for health and to promote longevity. There are numerous forms of Qi Gong that vary in their focus from the physical or health, emotional and mental well being to martial or spiritual. In this workshop we will explore ideas around the concept of Qi/chi and ways this may be interpreted or thought about particularly for Western practitioners unfamiliar with Chinese medicine systems. 

We will also explore how Qi Gong relates to internal arts such as Tai Chi and internal arts practice Nei Gong. Finally we will consider the different levels of Qi Gong practice, including touching upon bone marrow washing/cleansing often considered the deepest and most powerful from of Qi Gong practice.