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NeuroCreative Powerhouse: Blow your own mind! with Rory Lemon

From mental clutter to mental fitness, with the art of inspired decision-making for self-generating health and prosperity.

“Mental fitness practice saves the marriage between my mind and body! Especially whilst getting through and overcoming the emotional challenges of the pandemic and confusion that ensued.” Rory discovered he was ‘dyslexic’ when he was 33 years old, and since then he has broken an old pattern of belief that kept him from reaching his full potential as a visionary creative leader and sustainable, generative business owner.

“I have seen the restoration of my health, including psychological issues, so many times in my life, with help, trust, and dedication.” Out of the 5 types of clutter, (physical, digital, mental, emotional and spiritual), mental clutter is a primary indicator and instigator of confusion, within our daily beliefs, habits, choices and actions. Leaving your mental space untidy, outside of all the well-intended mindful meditation practices, healthy exercises and self-care routines, will keep you from creating the life you truly want to lead!

When you also learn how to constructively understand that ‘Neurodiversity’ holds the keys to the success of the human race, through accessing and connecting with your Unique Learning Ability, it truly feels like freedom.

This workshop will introduce and run through the theory and practices of mental fitness, breaking free from the scatty mind’s ‘Monkey Dance’, uncovering the inner-genius and the ‘Wise Owl Within’… And how to actually ‘blow your own mind!’

“I’m here to remind you that your ‘true self’ shines when you see past the veil of mediocrity, past the conditional beliefs about yourself and others, past the robust judgment that clings on to struggle and separation, past the unworthiness that you may sense towards anyone, including yourself. Your true self wants you and absolutely everyone to win, and realise their true self winning!”