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Naïssam Jalal & Rhythms of Resistance

A vertiginous flautist and prolific composer, Naïssam Jalal unveils with each new creation a personal and vibrant musical universe that, in both form and content, gives new meaning to the word freedom.

Flutist, vocalist and composer Naïssam Jalal invents a rich and inspired music that reflects her quest for identity, her search for meaning and sound, and her faith in love. Her French and Arab identities, her jazz sensibilities, her classical education, her hip hop and funk passions, her desire for links and silences – none of this is really the result of chance, it’s all part of a global drive, open to the visible world and the invisible universes. She follows a solid, sincere path that, from anger to dreams, leaves no emotion untouched.

After many years of classical training Naïssam discovered new musical worlds through different cultures, people and countries. She embraced quarter tones with delight and the more music sifted through and disturbed her classical training the more she began to the understand its magnificent soul.

In 2011 Naïssam Jalal formed the cosmopolitan quintet “Rhythms of Resistance” with four other talented musicians. Combining many different elements, influences and registers, the group creates music that fascinates, with a fine sense of rhythm, rich improvisations and admirable energy. The group invites us to visit different aesthetic fields, and bring jazz and classical music, European music and Eastern music closer together. ‘Rhythms of Resistance’ remind us that resistance is still very much alive and taking a firm stand against standardisation.