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Period Party: Reclaim Your Menarche! With Daisy Moon

Step into a world of celebration and empowerment at our Period Party workshop. 

A journey of self-discovery begins with a captivating talk by Daisy Moon, unravelling the significance of menarche and the diverse rituals surrounding it. 

Then, ignite your creativity in a guided writing session where you’ll craft your dream “first period party” – envision the music, garments, and delectable treats that symbolise your empowerment. 

Finally, the pièce de résistance, our very own Period Party extravaganza! Get ready to groove to the beats, flaunt your finest threads, and indulge in goodies that celebrate your menstrual journey. Plus, take home a coveted Period Party badge as a token of your newfound pride.

Many of us remember our very first period, many of us don’t – but all of us undoubtedly remember how we felt about our period in those first few years. You may have been ecstatic and proud or shameful and silent. Whether you reminisce fondly or seek to rewrite your narrative, this workshop promises to reignite your love for your period and empower you to embrace it with joy. Together, we’ll delve into the rich tapestry of first period parties and global traditions, reclaiming the narrative of our menstruation journeys.

Don’t miss out on the chance to reclaim your power and celebrate your uniqueness at our Period Party. RSVP now and let’s make waves together!

Daisy Moon is the founder and host of @redpagesbookclub, a vibrant community dedicated to hormones, periods, and sex. After her PCOS diagnosis, Daisy embarked on a mission to educate herself and empower all menstruators to embrace self-literacy through monthly readings and gatherings. Passionate about destigmatising menstruation, Daisy invites you to join her in celebrating and loving our periods intimately!