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Poetic Periods: Spoken Word Workshop with Leanne Shorley

Spoken word poet and comedian, Leanne Shorley, is hosting an awards ceremony, and we’ve all just won the big one: BEST PERIOD. What a bloody journey, eh? An interactive workshop exploring the highs and lows of surfing the crimson wave through humour, storytelling and performance poetry.

Ever dreamed of clutching that golden statue and thanking your trusted menstrual products for their unwavering support? Whether you’ve experienced the rollercoaster ride of periods firsthand or you’re here to accept the award on behalf of a loved one, get ready to unleash your creativity and wit as we dive into the world of acceptance speeches with a twist!

For those craving a taste of the limelight, we’ll explore the electrifying realm of performance poetry. Learn how to infuse your words with passion, humour, and theatrical flair as you prepare to take the stage and dazzle the audience with your period prowess.

Feeling a bit stage-shy? Fear not! This workshop is all about fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can shine at their own pace. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-time poet, there’s space for you to embrace your creativity and share your voice.

Leanne is a Brighton based writer and performer who has been featured on BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 3, and appeared on the Bafta award winning ‘Life and Rhymes’ on Sky Arts. Leanne also organises and hosts Brighton’s longest running poetry slam, ‘Hammer & Tongue’.