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Herbs for Menstrual Health with Claudia Germana & Claire Goulding

This inclusive workshop is open to anybody wishing to explore and learn practical ways to use herbs and work with the menstrual cycle to support and harness the power of bleeding.

Dive into the menstrual cycle following the four seasons and meet four healing herbs along the way. Get to grips with how to use herbs at home through practical demonstrations and a chance to ask all your burning questions with two practising herbalists.

Learn how to use these herbs at different stages of the menstrual cycle and how these herbs can support a range of troublesome common symptoms, including PMS, heavy bleeding, painful cramps, insomnia and anxiety.

You’ll learn practical tools and tips on how to make tinctures, tea infusions and topical remedies at home, for you and your loved ones!

Claudia & Claire are Medical Herbalists, Educators and Makers.  Both Claudia & Claire run private clinics in London and Bristol. They are passionate about ways to connect people to the benefits of medicinal plants. They love delivering creative, interactive workshops to educate and empower people.