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Sexuality at Menopause, and Beyond with Claudia Hope

Where has my libido gone? Why does sex hurt now? What’s going on down there?

A safe(r) space for perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal people to explore all things sexuality at this time. In this experiential workshop you will find new ways to access desire, discover practices to reconnect with your sexual energy, and learn how to support pelvic health. With sexuality and genito-urinary symptoms still taboo, this will be a de-shaming bonanza. If you want better sex, it IS possible. If you want to let go of sex altogether, equally valid! Wherever you are, know that you are not alone.

Claudia is a certified menopause yoga teacher and a Somatica trained sex and relationship coach. She has also completed, and assisted on, Jan Day’s Living Tantra Training. Postmenopausal herself Claudia’s approach is compassionate, curious and non-judgemental. Committed to inclusion, she has worked with diverse populations in a range of settings, including delivering menstrual cycle support and sex and relationship workshops for young people.

Bring a blanket if you can. No requirement to get undressed!