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Tai Chi with Tom Gold Blyth

After more than 10 years of leading workshops at Shambala, Tom offers an authentic Tai Chi Qigong experience that fits the festive setting. It will be deep… and fun!

Tai Chi is Yin/Yang and Qigong is energy exercise. Qi (or energy) exercise takes us to a deeper level of reality. During the workshop Tom will lead you into a subtle experience of your body using simple movements and guided focus. This is the Yin aspect. As a group we will stand and move with our eyes open ‘seeing and feeling it all’ and connecting to the collective vibe. This is the Yang aspect. We’ll explore the fundamental energies of Tai Chi, grounding & centring, learning to connect our Qi to the ground and in pairs explore how another person feels when they are grounded. We’ll learn to move our whole body from the centre and explore how another person feels when they are moving from their centre. Towards the end we’ll start to explore the mingling of breath with the subtle experience of our body in motion by practicing a beautiful set of exercises which we call Poh Qi.

Tom Gold-Blyth has been teaching Tai Chi for 21 years and is a leader in the Golden Flower Tai Chi School which combines lineage level Tai Chi (Yang family) with an approach to self cultivation and spiritual development which combines the ancient and modern.