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Introducing the ‘One Planet Plate’

We are incredibly proud of our pioneering food policies and our food traders’ commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing. Our diets are literally shaping the world around us and we believe it’s time to be well-informed and radical.

In 2019 we turned our focus to really exploring the impact of our food choices as an organisation and with our food providers – a step towards understanding and labelling food according to their ‘true cost’. Food impact is a complex issue involving water, travel, soil health, biodiversity loss, toxins, green house gasses, health, social impacts and more.

There is evidence to show that a truly healthy diet correlates with a low carbon diet. So this year we’re offering Shambalans some delicious, healthy and Earth-friendly “One Planet Plates.”

So what are these culinary triple threats?

A One Planet Plate is a meal that is responsible for under 0.5kg Carbon dioxide equivalent (C02e). When you consider that the UK dish average factors in at around 2.5kg per meal, a One Planet Plate is seriously low impact.

The following food traders have joined the initiative which provided them access to a food carbon calculator (courtesy of Carbon Cloud) so that they could create a low carbon cost dish for their menu:

Churrioso, Happy Maki, Uber Tuber, Wrappers Delight, Deli Posh Dogs, Pod Café, Our 2018 Inspirational Trader La Bonne Crepe, The Chai Shop Organic, and PB&J Society.

How do I find these these lauded low-impact food vendors?

You can find all our One Planet Plate dishes on the App which will be available to download nearer the event, we’ll make sure we holler when it’s ready!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply select ‘Food’ from the dropdown menu (left-hand side) and then select the One Planet Plate tag in filter bar (top right!). Each of our food traders are geo-tagged so you can find out exactly where they’re slinging sustainable sustenance on the site map.

We’ll give you the chance to vote on the best one in the post-event Big Debate survey.