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Keeping your stuff (and yourselves) safe

A little word about how to keep yourselves and your stuff safe on site this year! We’ve historically been quite lucky when it comes to thefts, but sadly 2019 did see some few thefts reported.

This year we have tightened up the perimeter fences considerably and have an increased security presence in the campsites, on the look out for tent thieves.

There are also some steps you can follow to keep your stuff safe…

1. Don’t bring unnecessary valuables

2. Use the locker service on site to securely store your valuables. Online bookings close at midnight on Wednesday 20th August. On site bookings are welcome too but are subject to availability so we’d recommend booking online. The lockers are staffed 24hours a day, and can look after pretty much anything for you – from cash to car keys to prams and instruments. Book here.

3. Be sensible with your stuff in your tents at night – don’t leave anything by the door! We’d recommend keeping your valuables in your sleeping bag with you.

4. Get to know your neighbours – this is a key one – create a community and look out for each other, so you can tell if somebody is in a tent they shouldn’t be in!

5. Report any thefts, or anything suspicious immediately, to a steward, member of security or your campsite hub, so we can respond quickly!

Keeping yourselves safe

We are proud to be part of an industry-wide initiative promoting sexual safety at festivals – we believe that everyone should feel (and be) safe at all times, and that any form of uninvited advance (physical or verbal) is absolutely unacceptable. Shambala is already a very strong and conscientious community, with very few reports of such incidents over the years, but we strongly encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed sexual harassment to report it to a steward or security – we will take all reports seriously and take appropriate action. If anything is happening to you that feels wrong – SHOUT! You are amongst friends. Don’t be a bystander.

Not long to go now… 

Team Shambala x