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General Information

Please find here key festival information and useful PDF downloads including specific stage technical information. 

Read, digest, download and forward to everyone in your group that would benefit from this information!

  • Every individual will require their own unique E-Ticket for accreditation 
  • Your Group Leader will be sent a link to the Eventree Ticket System.This will guide them through the process of generating and distributing your act’s E-Tickets to each individual 
  • Performer Tickets will not  be valid for entry to the festival until Thursday 22nd August 
    • At Junction 2 of the A14 head north on the A508, towards Market Harborough 
    • From here, follow YELLOW / RED ROUTE depending on your routing/parking pass 
    • The nearest Postcode is NN6 9LY, but this does not take you to the actual festival gates.  From this postcode follow the coloured route as designated on your vehicle pass.  
    • And, if you’re in the know, here are the what3words: buzzing.factored.salad
  • Please make sure to check the gate opening times when you are sent your passes.  
  • IMPORTANT: The Performer & Crew gate closes at 22:00 each night. You will not be able to enter the festival site after this time.If you arrive after 22:00, you will be held in a holding area overnight until the gates open again at 08:00.  
  • The nearest Train Station is Market Harborough
  • There will be regular shuttle buses to the site on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • There will be regular shuttle buses to the station on Sunday and Monday.
  • There are a very limited number of taxis companies in the area and they do not run late at night
  • Please do not rely on the local taxi firms for getting to and from site unless booked in advance.
  • Performer Parking is a compound for Performers.  It is secure so you can keep your instruments etc. safe in your vehicles. 
  • PLEASE NOTE…  Performer Parking is very limited in space.  If your group is coming in lots of vehicles, we will have to park some of them in Crew Parking.  
  •  Crew Parking is a little further away, so we advise that you use vehicles in Performers Parking for storage of instruments and the like, and crew parking for people. 


  • The Music Office is situated at the pedestrian exit of the Performers Car Park/Camping Field.
  • Please come and see us here when you arrive – at least 3 hours before your show.
  • This is the main hub for all of your information, On Site Band Transport and answers to your questions. 
  • Vehicles will not be allowed to drive onto the public site 
  • Instead a transport service will be provided from the Music Office to your venue   
  • Please be ready at the Music Office for transport at least 2 hours before your show time 
  • After your show, your stage manager will radio for a return transport 
  • Change-over times are tight. Your cooperation is required to keep the show to schedule
  • Sound Checks will be short and consist mainly of line checks. The Sound Engineers are excellent- please trust them!
  • Whenever your show starts, the scheduled finish time has to be adhered to or else the schedule will fall apart.
  • On the main stages there will be a quality backline – a minimum of 1 guitar amp, 1 bass amp and a drum kit.  
  • We will send out full specs once they are confirmed  
  • We urge you to use these – it makes change overs and line checks much simpler and saves valuable time and space in your cars!   
  • Each member of your touring party will get one meal voucher, these can be redeemed at any of our on-site food stalls.
  • Please note Shambala is meat and fish free.
  • We will not be running merchandise stalls
  • However, at each Stage you will be able to sell your wares after your show – we will not charge any commissions on your sales.
  • Shambala Festival prides itself on being as environmentally friendly as possible and has been recognised as a pioneer in event sustainability.  Please help us on our journey to continuously reduce our impact on our wonderful planet! 
  • We will send out full information on our initiatives for 2024 in due course, but, in the meantime please read up on our current Green Shambala initiatives.
  • Here are two things, though, that we want to draw your attention to as they will directly affect all performers 


1. Bring a Bottle Campaign 

In 2014 we banned the sale and distribution of all Plastic Bottles.  This has saved the use of over 100,000 bottles. 

Please bring your own, permanent water bottles 

There are plentiful taps and access to filtered water. 

2. Meat & Fish Free Shambala 

To draw attention to, and open discussion about the impact of the meat and fish industry on the planet, in 2016 we made Shambala completely Meat & Fish free.  This includes all traders and all backstage hospitality. 

  • As an organisation we are fully committed to having as positive impact as possible on the environment and we are sure that you share this opinion.  
  • If there is anything that we can help you with on your journey to sustainability, please do let us know, we will be more than happy to help! 
  • If there is anything else we can help you with, please just let us know 


Many thanks for being involved in Shambala Festival this year. We cannot wait! 

See you in a field soon, 


General Information Downloads

Stage Tech Downloads

Once finalised this information will be available to view and download. This should be confirmed by April and we will notify you once it is done so.