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Ticket To Jam @ Shambala 2022

This summer we were joined in the fields by the lovely lot from Ticket to Jam, who recorded some super special live sessions for us on site, all within the walls of their touring studio bus!

Olive Jones

Olive brought her fusion of soul, groove-led blues and jazz-folk to Pink Flamingo this year! She explores songwriting from the heart through playful guitar riffs and honey-drenched vocals, creating an acoustic palette that soothes and scintillates.


This eclectic 7-piece collective joined us on the Chai Wallah’s stage this summer. Blending smooth chords, tasty grooves and brassy breaks their sessions are a must-see!

Amy Montgomery

“If Alanis Morissette and Trent Reznor were to have a baby and then send the baby to be babysat by Joni Mitchell for half the week and the other half of the week be babysat by Janis Joplin, you would come pretty close to Amy Montgomery” – Scenestr, Australia

Trio Manouche

Long-time friends of the festival, Trio Manouche are probably the UK’s best-loved gypsy swing ensemble, playing music it’s impossible not to love with infectious energy, virtuosity and joy.


Wavysof brings an undeniable story-telling ability, wavy, melodic sounds and an incredible sense of reason to these sessions.

Bev Lee Harling

Commander of soulful vocals blended with jazzy strings for a powerhouse performance you won’t want to miss!


These two bring undeniable technical talent, with smooth vocals and jazzy riffs in a luscious, rocky, psychedelic melody that will make ya weak in the knees!