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Your 2023 Carnival Theme!

You are a very silly bunch – and we are deeply amused to announce that your winning 2023 carnival theme is….


“We’re often told that Shambala ‘feels like home’. Which is lush – but does it really? For one, home has more couches. More beds. More armchairs, lamps, rugs, teapots, cutlery, vases, wardrobes, hoovers, picture frames, house plants.. can you see where we’re going with this? Let’s turn the fields of Shambala into a proper home – full of roaming, oversized furniture-human hybrids! Live your best lava lamp life! Turn into a telephone! Tick tock, become a grandfather clock! Summon your inner chandelier! BECOME ONE WITH YOUR DUVET!”

This is going to be absolutely ridiculous. YES PLEASE.

We’ve got heaps of hilarious costume inspiration for you – click the image below to dig in!

Remember – we ask you to craft your costumes from second hand/re-used materials please.

Big love! x