Committed To The Planet

Shambala is committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible and is considered truly pioneering Europe-wide.  In five years we have reduced the carbon footprint of the festival by  81%, and in 2013 we were awarded the International ‘A Greener Festival Award’.

What we are doing (in a nutshell)

Green Infographic

Recent awards we have won!

We are proud to be the International A Greener Festival Award winners in 2013, and have been awarded A Greener Festival ‘Outstanding’  every year since 2011, and the A Greener Festival ‘Inspiration Award’ in 2012 for our work with Fareshare developing the Surplus Supper Club (and been the overall international winner of the A Greener Festival Award in 2010 – OK, I’ll stop now!). We have also been certified 3 stars with the Julies Bicycle Industry Green programme for 3 of the past 4 years, the best possible! We try hard.

Your Carbon Footprint At Shambala

We are passionate about the ‘Per Capita Principle.’ If everyone on the planet has an equal share of carbon consumption based on projected sustainable levels  we would each have an allowance of only 7.5Kg/day*. At the moment many of us are using 6 times this amount in our daily UK lives. Whilst at Shambala, your individual share of the event’s carbon emissions of  is an amazing 0.43Kg/day (2013 data). This even includes average travel distances. This is because we’re powered by 94% renewables, recycle and source supplies locally etc, and compared to a heated home using electricity for most functions, the share of living outdoors on the festival site is minimal.
*United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) 

 The Carbon Travel Fund

Our ‘Travel Carbon Fund’  is an initiative which encourages Car and Live-in Vehicle Pass buyers to make a donation which accounts for their travel-related carbon when buying tickets. The donations are used to invest in wind energy to compensate for the carbon emitted and make an active contribution to a carbon-free future. Find out more HERE

Green Trader Award

Caterers and stalls are only offered a pitch at Shambala if they can prove they operate to high standard of environmental and ethical practice. They are required to:

• Use only biodegradable plates/cups/cutlery
• Use fair trade, organic and local supplies wherever possible
• ONLY use meat and fish which can be proved to come from an ethical source

Every year we rigorously asseses all traders. The very best gets the Green Trader Award. In 2013 we proudly awarded the title to Poco – See the blog  for the full story and other winners HERE

Our Industry Green Report 2013

Julies Bicycle’s Industry Green certification takes into account all aspects of an event’s impacts. We have received 3 stars in all areas! Its a big read, but be our guest…

Student Resources

We are regularly approached for information to help with student dissertations and theses. We do our best to answer questions but with a small part time team, we sometimes don’t have enough time. So, we’ve created a student pack! Please download the documents below before contacting us, although if there are further questions you are welcome to email us via the contact page.

Please note – we are currently reviewing our Student Pack Download