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Edit: April Fool’s alert. Sorry.  As you know, we’ve been working hard over the past few years to reduce waste at Shambala. Our Bring

Hi all! Just a friendly reminder that any tickets bought from any third parties may not be legitimate. We’ve already started to see Shambala tickets

It’s International Women’s Day as we write this, which seemed a very appropriate time to announce some of our brand new facilities for 2018… The

Families have always been an essential part of what makes Shambala so Shambala-y. Check out this lovely little video recap of what our littlest

2017 has been a particularly good ‘un for all things green at Shambala – and with the year drawing to a close, we thought

We’ve just received the most fantastic Christmas present ever! We’re over the moon to announce that Shambala is the first and only festival to

Every year, our Sustainability Team work closely with our amazing array of traders, to ensure our incredibly high sustainability standards are met. On site

Our big challenge in 2017 was tackling waste head on. We have spent years designing ‘waste’ out of our festival ecosystem wherever possible. Waste simply

Two years ago, Team Womb wriggled their way into our hearts, by entering our Microvenues competition – which gave teams of Shambalans a chance

Here it is – a three minute burst of Summer nostalgia for your chilly, Autumn-weary eyes and ears. Get comfy and crank that sound

We’ve just totted up all the different charity and fundraising initiatives run before and during Shambala 2017 and we’re beyond proud to announce that

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out The Big Debate 2017, telling us what you loved about this year’s festival,