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A huge, slightly tearful thank you to every single human being who joined us for Shambino. We are absolutely exhausted but our hearts are full to bursting – because of you lot. After two years without you, you did not disappoint. Your enthusiasm, silliness, kindness and positivity made Shambino what it was – one of the best weekends ever. It seemed like everywhere we looked we saw happy tears, wall-to-wall smiles, marriage proposals and can’t-stand-up-properly-belly-laughs.

We’d also like to thank our incredible crew, artists, performers and traders, who pulled this out of the bag despite endless challenges, changes and obstacles. Superheroes, each and every one of you.

A note on Covid 19: While the precautions you took on entry, and the measures we had in place on site help limit transmission, there is still a chance some people could bring the virus home with them, so please take an LFT at home, to identify any potential cases early and stop onward transmission to your communities.

(PS – if you’ve lost something, email and we might just be able to reunite ya!)

With love and gratitude

Sham HQ x

(Photo by George Harrison)